A New Way Of Bonding


Indirect Bonding – Dr. Bishop and his team have been trained on a new way of bonding brackets to teeth.  Traditionally, braces have been placed on the teeth by directly placing them one at a time. Dr. Bishop uses a technique to place braces known as “Indirect Bonding” for many of his patients.  With this process, accurate molds of the teeth are fabricated in just a few moments, and the rest of the work is done here in our lab.  When you return to the office a few days later, your braces are already positioned in accurate, personalized trays made just for you, and all of the brackets are placed quickly and all at one time. This process is more accurate than direct bonding because Dr. Bishop can precisely position each bracket with the mold of your teeth because he has more access to the entire mouth with out cheeks and lips to be in the way. 

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